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SEO-Everythinng About IT


The next topic which we are going to discuss in this blog is the type of images you must use and the various techniques which you can work with to choose the images which are more appealing. Read on for some interesting facts. 

The techniques to make the image more appealing! 

The Colour Scheme 

Most of you must be aware of the fact that our eyes react to different colours in a different manner and if you use this concept for the images you insert in the blog post you will be able to get the desired response. You must know that the colour psychology has a major effect on the viewers and so you must use it effectively.  Have a look at the different emotions provoked by different colours:- 

  • Red - Excitement, Rage and Energy. The reason why the call to action buttons are usually red in colour. 
  • Blue- Calm, Trust, and Intellectual. The reason why we trust LinkedIn & Facebook so much. 
  • Green- Balance, Environment- peace, and tranquillity. The reason why the organic products and vegetable stores are so fond of this colour. 
  • White- Hygiene, Cleanliness, and Purity. The reason why the hospital and churches have adopted this colour. 
  • Black- Mysterious, Glamorous, and Strength. Now, people usually have varied opinions when it comes to the colour black. Well, we don't blame them, the colour is definitely very mysterious. 

Relevancy: The factors which affect the relevancy of the image used by you, in context to the texts is again a major element in determining the charm of the image. For example, if a person is writing about a toothpaste, then he/she will substantiate the text with the help of an image showing white teeth. As it will be relevant to the texts which that person is writing. There has to be some relation between the two: the text and the image.

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