Image SEO Essentials to Know!
Image SEO Essentials to Know!


What is Image SEO?

The optimization of the image according to the parameters of SEO is known as image SEO. 

Just like any text, there is an image section also in Google where images are presented as a result of the keyword search done. It works like the same normal searches. So, both the title of the image and tags used, contribute towards image SEO.

If we put it simply, image SEO is the practice of trying to rank the images higher in the search for keywords related to it. So basically, this concept came into practice for matching up with Google algorithms for search display ads. 

Now, Google algorithms are a set of certain criteria followed by Google to show results for various searches (both text & image). Similarly, Google has a separate set of algorithm for image searches which use image title, captions, alt text and tags for the images.

What are the elements of image SEO?

The images have certain important elements which affect the search ranking of those images. Now, to know what are those elements, read on!

  • Image Size - As mentioned earlier, the size of the image has a major influence on the image SEO activity because of obvious reasons. The heavier the file, the more time it takes to load the page. A higher load time is not good from any perspective. Therefore, the size of the image must always be low.
  • Load Time -  As mentioned above, it is very clear that the size of the image plays a vital role in its loading time. Hence, the loading time is directly proportional to the size of the image. And if your web page has a longer load time, it will have a negative impact on your SEO, as your bounce rate will increase. 
  • Quality - The quality of the image you use also has a direct impact on the entire website. If you use images with low resolution and small dimensions, it will make your web page look of a poor quality and will also reduce the credibility of the website.

Descriptive Caption - All the descriptive captions, title tagsand alt text, are suggested because they are suggested by the guru -  ''Google'' itself for using text as an alternative for images. The web crawlers use these descriptions to read the context of the surrounding text.

The next topic which we are going to discuss in this blog is the type of images you must use and the various techniques which you can work with to choose the images which are more appealing. Read on for some interesting facts.

The techniques to make the image more appealing!