Emotional Intelligence in the Digital Age
Emotional Intelligence in the Digital Age


Emotional Intelligence is defined as the ability of an individual to identify, understand, use as well as manage their own emotions in a much positive and effective manner.Any person who has a very high EQ is able to communicate much better, has very low levels of anxiety as well as stress, defuse internal conflicts, improve interpersonal relationships, understands others and last but not the least effectively overcome life's challenges.

The emotional intelligence is one of the detrimental factors which affect the lives which we live because it is highly able to influence the behavior as well as relationships with others. EQ is often believed to be synonymous with self-awareness of an individual due to the fact it helps us to lead a life which is filled with purpose, intention as well as autonomy.

We make most of our important life decisions based on our current scenario as well as our external environment. Many of us believe that our current scenario and the immediate external environment is out of our control and in the process limit our options to be successful in life. In order to take better decisions, we should take our own time to reflect as well as examine our lives which would be based on conscious intentions.

Having a proper EQ plays a pivotal role in the success of our professional as well as personal lives. When it comes to Emotional intelligence personal situations as well as intelligence are factors which profoundly influence our choices in our lives.  

Basically, there are certain key elements which constitute the emotional intelligence of a person. These factors are -

  • Social awareness 
  • Self-awareness
  • Relationship management
  • Self-management

It is believed that the EQ of a person is not fixed. The EQ is unlike the belief that a person is born with it and it is stuck with him throughout his life. Using proper training mechanism as well as enhancing the self-awareness, one can easily create and develop the EQ and also become much more aware socially.

Emotional Quotient plays an important role in business communication. The digital age has also added to this through various digitalized information transfer medium. When a person types a business email EQ plays an important role. Whenever a message is sent then the person on the receiving end might end up misinterpreting the information through the tone of voice. It is therefore essential to understand that being sarcastic while sending any emails would not be the best idea. 

Due to the high influence of technology in our lives, we have almost forgotten that we still have control over our lives instead of the little device which we hold in our hands. There are three people in the world who take part in each and every one of our conversations nowadays. These three are you, a mobile or a computer screen and last but not the least another person. Even though we might expect that the conversation would be enriched due to this screen but in reality, it becomes much more strained. 

The main underlying principle of Emotional Intelligence is the fact that one has to take responsibility for his own emotional reactions. Along with this one also has to consider the words which we speak and also take into consideration how it might affect the person on the other side.