Benefits of Digital over Traditional Marketing
Benefits of Digital over Traditional Marketing


Over the last one and half year or so Traditional Marketing had gradually fallen down by nearly 160%, while in the same time frame the investment for Digital Marketing has increased by 14%. 

So why shouldn't any business whether small or big, develop and strengthen its online presence?

Today the world is owned by technology. Social Media and Digital Marketing have an important impact on how we all behave socially. How we act as consumers, how do we do business, so that it could be fair enough to say that our business is not in the danger zone of losing out in the new era of marketing and communications. However, while we are passionate about all thingsDigital and their workings, we would suggest that you don't blink away your vision and miss out on those traditional media approaches which your customers support and use currently. For you it could be a blended strategy of Digital and Traditional marketing for yielding returns for your business.

Here are some of the benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing that we see:

  • Reduced Cost - You can develop an online marketing strategy for your business for a very little cost. It will replace that expensive advertising for other offline channels such as Television, Yellow Pages, Magazines, Newspapers etc.
  • Brand Development - A website created with quality content targeting the necessities and adding value to the target audience provides significant value and creates lead generation opportunities. The same can be said and done for the social media channels and Personalised e-mail marketing.
  • Greater Engagement - Using Digital Marketing you can encourage your clients, followers and prospects to take actions like visiting your website, reading about your brand and products/services, rating your website, buying from you and also providing feedback on the website, so that it is visible to your other audiences as well. So unlike traditional marketing, it doesn't take very long for good publicity to enhance more prospects for your business.
  • Simple to measure - Unlike traditional methods, here you can have a look (in real time) 'what is' and/or 'what is not' working for your business online. Accordingly you can make changes promptly to improve your results. To measure the traffic for your website you can use Google Analytics unlike the billboard used for traditional marketing wherein you can't measure the traffic coming in from there.
  • Far greater exposure - Your business can be seen anywhere in the world from the marketing campaign and the cost to do this using traditional methods would be considerably higher than the Digital way. 

We would be keen to hear your views and online marketing challenges and perhaps can provide some ideas in our next blog.

Happy Digital Marketing