7 Things to Know- Social Media Marketing
7 Things  to Know- Social Media Marketing


What was trending last year should be old news when it comes to social media marketing. Every year Social Media Examiner releases its annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report to examine the ways in which different marketers are growing their businesses in the social media. If you want to do the spadework of a successful social media marketing business, then imprint the following trending ideas:

1.Include SEO data in your social media market strategy

Search engine optimisation is another trend of digital marketing that has brought constructive results to several business companies and is prized much like social media marketing.

Always identify the most frequent search queries related to your field as that helps comprehend the social community's top concerns.

2.Target the most prominent social media websites

It is common for the audience to change their social media content preference every year, which simultaneously urges the companies to gear up their games constantly. Targeting eminent social media sites like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook to create preferred contents would bring drastic changes to the number of views and shares. 

3.Creating quality content is always prime

Let us agree on one thing: the competition in the social media marketing campaigns have increased insanely over the past couple of years and now, everyone shouting the same stuff is not going to grab the attention of the consumers. It has been studied that the users are now filtering the noise and unless some quality content flashes in front of their eyes, there is no use.

While insourcing, nurture the interesting knowledge that could tickle the customer's curiosity, thereby, producing good quality contents.

4.Better use of Facebook ads to increase leads and customer traffic

One of the widely committed mistakes of marketers is their lack of evolution regarding the Facebook ads. They fail to realise that their customers have increased sophistication while they try to own them with the age-old advertisement techniques. 

Monitoring ad metrics, click-through rates, landing page conversion rates, CPL (cost per lead) and more are the basic steps to gain customer traffic and leads.

5.If you are new, be informed completely on how to build social media marketing planfrom scratch

When starting from scratch it is best to stick to any one of the prominent social media websites and then expand your reach when you have laid the groundwork firmly. Considering the time, resources, demographics and audience must be prime.

It is always best to stick to familiarity and relatability when it comes to creating a profile and its content. Choose your audience before doing so and then find your voice in the market you built.

6.Visual contents are the most enriching contents

According to 2017 Social Media Marketing Report, 41% of the marketers have claimed that visual contents are the most dominant and lucrative media contents. 

From live videos to powerful image contents, the social media marketing is being largely depended on the visual aspect.

7.Advocacy is ruling the advertisement sphere

For instance, users and not brands share 85% of the contents on Pinterest. This clearly states that fans and brand advocates are not only sharing the social media contents but also making and sharing contents about your brand.

Thus, social media platform creates an invisible unity among the fans and inspired brands that go forth to freely propagate your company on other platforms.