15 Tricks To getting Popular On Facebook
15 Tricks To getting Popular On Facebook


There is no doubt that every one of us wants to get popular on the most sought-after social media platform. You can try the following compiled list of Facebook hacks that will keep your profile ever-so-interesting and bring in additional engagement options swiftly and effectively.

  • Optimize The Picture Quality On Your Page- The profile photo and the cover image are the first elements that will attract an audience to your page. Make sure the quality is high-definition and the proportions are perfect. The colors of both should contrast each other very well. Covers must always be either panorama or wide-angle shots. 
  • Stay Online To A Selected Group Of Friends - Limit the number of chats to inquiries, queries, and replies. Limit the logins to a specific time period every day. Try to accommodate all. You can even post interesting conversations for better audience outreach. 
  • Create A Social Media Persona - Your opinions, discussions, and engagements should be easy to comprehend. You should be upbeat and positive no matter which direction the conversation goes. 
  • Content Must Be Youthful - Facebook has a lighter setting and tone. It is an interactive medium which performs a great platform for informal transactions. Jokes, personal stories, and interesting facts can be as effective as heavily sponsored advertisements. 
  • Show Your Inner Talent - If you are a good illustrator, singer, dancer, comedian or writer, Facebook is the place for you! It is one such platform that allows the creation of content from every single interest you have. 
  • Create Events - Make the most of your free time, building plans and sharing your ideas with others. Don¬ít overcrowd or spam your space. Make your page public and introduce varying segments related to the plan.
  • Make more friends - The key to engaging on Facebook is to make sure you focus more on quantitative assessments than on quality when it comes to the number of people you interact with. Apart from the specific audience who already support you, a better number of external engagements via frequent shares is also going to help your business grow. 
  • Join Groups - The communities that you are a part of, will majorly affect the example you are setting. Numerous people are going to be able to read your posts. Their feedback will also be honest and to the point. Your magic circle will greatly influence your future endeavors. 
  • Encourage All Opinions - Controversial topics and divisive stories can often create a problematic outlook. Try to resolve them via negotiations as they may not always have proper conclusions. 
  • Make Mistakes - Time is primary in the case of output. You must be very honest no matter what you are posting. Pretentious posts will be very easily understood by your audience. 
  • Combine other platforms - Make sure your blog, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are all connected to Facebook. You must make unique content for each platform. You may also advertise yourself on other websites.
  • Use The Most Interesting Features - Facebook attributes like flip status updates, varying fonts, and widespread search options can open new horizons for you. 
  • Research - Try to do your homework thoroughly and accumulate all kinds of information when you are writing on a topic. Also, interaction is better favored when you have attractive visual content to accompany your posts. Captions must be brief. 
  • Interrogate - Asking for recommendations, soliciting advice and asking questions can be better carriers of information. Also, posting on topics that require agreement can be interesting. 
  • Make your posts useful - Mention friends in posts that may be helpful to them. Offer your own perspective to the scenario and specify options based on current events.